Sunday, July 19, 2015

"The Heist" - Janet Evanovich

Hello fellow bibliophiles! I'm sure everyone has heard of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and like all readers of that series, I'm sure you have the same dilemma as I. They are great, fun, quick reads but they get old and tiresome by about book 11. Yet we have continued to read them and cannot wait to get our hands on the newest piece in the series which is now into the twenties. Not being able to stop a series, no matter how good or bad, I guess you could call one of my quirks. I have to finish what I started. So back to the book at hand. While I was excited to get my hands on another Evanovich book, I worry this could happen again in this new series. But it has not deterred me from starting it anyways!

The Heist by Janet Evanovich is another predictable, yet entertaining, start to a series that I was unable to put down. Kate O'Hara is an ex-Navy SEAL now FBI agent hunting down criminal mastermind and con, Nicholas Fox. Fox continues to slip through O'Hara's hands yet taunting her all the same. For Fox, it's a game. A game he loves to play. But O'Hara is set on catching him at all cost. Once caught though, everything she has worked for seems to no longer matter. When O'Hara and Fox are forced to work together to go after an even bigger con, all her limits will be tested. From Berlin to Indonesia and California, O'Hara will have to trust in Fox and his band of merry thieves to follow through on his word to help catch investment banker con who has run off with $500 million in innocent people's money. But will Fox fulfill his role or will be run off? Can O'Hara trust his word or will her heart get in the way? Grab your copy and get to reading!

I liked the book. While I was able to figure out what was going to happen pretty earlier on, like most Evanovich books, but I enjoyed it all the same. Evanovich brings to light typical characters that are constantly in a back and forth with each other, making me laugh and yet keeping me yearning for more.  I will continue reading the series and already have the next one sitting in my "To Read Pile." As always feel free to share and comments, suggestions, and recommendations!

Happy reading fools :)

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