Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reading struggles

Hello fellow bibliophiles! I don't know about all of you but today I woke up to snow on the ground.... I now want to hibernate until April. I absolutely HATE snow. Why I don't live in a warmer place, is a questions I ask myself every day!

Plus side of hibernation? READING! I was hoping to have a couple reviews for you today. Sadly, I am struggling to find "attention-grabbing" books. For the past two weeks, I have tried multiple times to pick up the following two books. Each time I have to push myself to keep reading and continually lose interest. I don't know if it's time for me to switch up my genres or what. It's very upsetting. All I want to do is curl up with a good book, make a delicious cup of coffee, and read my afternoon away. Over and over I've just been let down. So below I have listed the two books I have had to add to the "Did Not Finish" pile. I hate this pile. It makes me sad. Especially these two books. I have heard rave reviews and recommendations from others. Maybe they are good books. I'm going to try something new and maybe pick these books up at a later date and try again. Feel free to share with me any comments you have about either book. I'd love to hear your thoughts! I WANT them to be good books!! Convince me they are!

Landline by Rainbow Rowell
Recently I reviewed a couple different books by Rowell as preparation for my October book club meeting. Compared to her other books, Landline just falls short in my opinion. The characters didn't grab me. The story line itself confused me at times. I had trouble following the dialogue. Nothing against Rainbow Rowell. She's a great writer. That being said, I prefer her YA books better!

The Girl From the Train by Irma Joubert
I have been hearing great things about this book. It's right in my alley genre wise. I have read more books than count or remember on WW2 and the Holocaust. I find it fascinating in a historical context. I have now tried starting this book 3 times. I can't seem to get farther than about a third of the way through. This really makes me sad. I want this book to be good. Not just good, but GREAT. I promise to try again at a later date. Maybe I just need to set it aside and pick it up another time. Please read this book. Tell me how it is. I need to hear how great it is. I know it has to be. I know it has huge potential. Someone fulfill this need!!

As always, feel free to share any comments, recommendations, and suggestions. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Next up, Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich! 

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