Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Bliss" - Shay Mitchell & Michaela Blaney

Hello fellow bibliophiles! I hope everyone had a great weekend. As normal, I had my weekend all perfectly planned out. Lots of reading, unpacking, cleaning, and more reading. Let's simply say things didn't go as planned. So back at the grind yesterday for work and now revamping my reading schedule for the week. So let's get to the review so I can get back to the stack of books currently waiting to be read! :)

"Following your dreams might lead you down a rocky path, or it might get you everything you ever wanted. For twenty-one-year-old BFF's Sophia, Demi, and Leandra, that journey comes with epic hangovers, soulless jobs, and thirty-something boyfriends who act half their age.

Sophia: She's mapped out every aspect of her glamorous life as a Hollywood actor on her vision board. But her life in Toronto is anything but glamorous. Attending countless auditions and working at a douchey nightclub, Sophia is starting to feel like she's going nowhere...slowly.

Demi: Unlike Sophia, she didn't go to college. Short of a vision board, she puts all her energy into building the perfect relationship with an older man. And when that relationship crashes and burns, Demi is left to pick up the pieces. Will she learn from her mistakes?

Leandra: She doesn't give a crap about hard work or a loving relationship. She has other plans, Leandra sets out to travel the world in the yachts, planes, and limos of ridiculously wealthy men. Maybe one of them will be able to show her what love really means--if she can take off her Chanel sunglasses long enough to see it.

Set against a backdrop of Hollywood glamour and international glitz, Bliss is all about the age when you can count on nothing and survive anything, if you're lucky enough to have truly great friends."

Following your dreams, dealing with the ups and downs, and finding what will make you truly happy. A book of friendship. But this book struggled to hold my attention. The only reason I finished it is because I felt it had potential and might get better. The story jumps around between the 3 main characters, Leandra, Sophia, and Demi, all trying to find their way in the world. I found their storylines unrealistic, especially for their age. Yes, I know things like this do happen to people like getting your dream job, jetting setting across the globe, cheating boyfriends and they can all be realistic scenarios. But what I found unrealistic is the amount of time that all of these situations were taking place and playing out.

The main characters all had very different personalities which can be normal with life-long friends, but I felt each character's thoughts and emotions were played out to the most extreme extent of each trait. Parts of the story were left unfinished and unanswered as if the authors are considering writing a second book (I hope not). I read the book because of author/actress Shay Mitchell and my love for Pretty Little Liars. The writing is very similar in the extent that just like Pretty Little Liars, the plot line steered too far off the beaten path of normal life and lost my interest. The writing itself isn't terrible, but sometimes it went too far with its descriptions specifically with Leandra. I know she is supposed to have a narcissistic personality, but she was too harsh even for that role. I don't necessarily recommend the book but if you do plan on reading it, I definitely suggest high school or older aged readers due to the mature content in the book. As always, feel free to share your thoughts, comments, or recommendations! I'd love to hear what you think of the book!

Happy reading fools :)

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