Saturday, June 20, 2015

"The Selection" - Kiera Cass

Hello fellow bibliophiles! Last review I have for you tonight! It has been a busy reading-filled day. I randomly saw this next book on a shelf at Barnes & Noble about a month ago. While the description did intrigue me, I wasn't sure about it. I finally decided to pick up at my wonderful local library this week as I was feeling a YA mood coming on. The Selection by Kiera Cass is the first in its self titled series.

The story is set in a post apocalyptic state (like all YA books these days).This particular story is set in a new country where people are divided into a caste like system, known by their levels and jobs decided upon by this levels. The main character, America Singer is a Four. Her family members are musicians and artists. Fours are not the worst but the greatest either. They are the middle of eight levels overall. While rebels and wars are plaguing their country, the Ones, or royalty have decided it is time for their only son to choose a wife. This is done through a Selection in which 35 girls, each from a different region are chosen to come and stay at the palace to get to know Prince Maxon. Think "The Bachelor." Prince Maxon gets to know each girl while taking her on different dates and essentially whittling down the number of suitors. Being chosen has its perks. Each girl below a Three is given the title of a Three if she is not selected as the final girl and her family throughout the selection process is also provided compensation, something America's family definitely needs. America consents to entering the drawing even though she loves another and eventually is chosen as one of the thirty five to compete for the Prince's heart.

The book follows America's plight through the selection and her struggle to not only learn about the outside world but also decide what is best for her heart and her family. Earning the trust and respect of the Prince becomes easier than she thought and America is set on a whirlwind until the top 6, known as the Elite are chosen by the Prince. Can she come to love Maxon? What is really happening with the rebel groups? Will she be chosen? You will have to read to find out! I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes and will wait impatiently for the next book to come in at the library! Great start to a YA series that I highly recommend. Reminds me of a new book out, The Red Queen by Victoria Ayeyard that I recently read. You can find that review HERE! As always, feel free to share any recommendations, suggestions, or comments!

Happy reading fools :)

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