Sunday, March 15, 2015

'The Girl On The Train" - Paula Hawkins

Hello fellow bibliophiles! Unfortunately my cold is still plaguing me but I have at least been able to find some time to keep reading in between getting caught up at work. I hope everyone had some time to sit out under a tree in this GLORIOUS Spring weather this weekend. It sure is nice out there. Fingers crossed, winter may finally be behind us (yes, I knocked on wood when I wrote that!). I have another new and fantastic review to share with you from the current hit from debut writer, Paula Hawkins. It's hard to believe I have had two books this great in writing so close to one another (see my review of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah).

The Girl On The Train was fantastic! If I wouldn't have been sick and exhausted beyond reason when I started reading it, I would have easily finished it in one sitting. I enjoy books where the writer goes back and forth between characters showing both sides of the story, or in this case, three sides. The three viewpoints are from Megan, who is the main focus of the story, Rachel, the ex-wife and alcoholic, and Anna, the new wife/mistress and neighbor. Throughout these three viewpoints, we learn three completely different stories, each with their own issues and problems they are trying to work through. From divorce and depression to motherhood and alcoholism. We learn where they come from and how they are connected. As the story progresses, you believe you know what is going to happen and then OH MY GOSH the story takes a turn in the last 75-80 pages! Mix in a few lies and blackouts and folks you have yourself a thriller!

I loved this book. I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 on Goodreads. Well worth reading! One thing to be weary of though is make sure you pay attention to the dates Hawkins puts at the start of each chapter along with the character's name. In the beginning Hawkins moves back and forth over a couple years and then from the middle on, she stays closer to all the characters on the same concurrent date. If you were a fan of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, then you are sure to love this. As always, feel free to share any comments, suggestions, and recommendations for my next review!

Happy reading fools :)

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