Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Descent" - Tim Johnston

Hello fellow bibliophiles! Another week, another book. I recently read the highly acclaimed and recommended book Descent by Tim Johnston. I hate to say it but I was let down by this book. The book has been getting great reviews and making it on many bestseller lists but I am not exactly sure why. I gave this book at 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. Here's what I thought:

The book tells the story of four family members and their paths after they suffer a great lost. While on vacation, the two children in the family head off on a run in the mountains but only one returns. The story goes on to tell how each parent and remaining child try to move on with their lives, each in completely different direction, dealing with the kidnapping of their eldest child. I had trouble getting into this book. The story does not start getting interesting until about 140 pages in and when I thought the story was finally starting to get rolling, I felt I was let down again as it did not get any better. The story is a thriller but I continually got lost as the story moved from character to character without a clear marker to know that the characters were switching . Not only does the story change characters back and forth but it also does not always go chronologically. Sometimes the main characters and plot line may be a couple days in between switches and other times it goes back and forth from past to present. Confusing. Very confusing at times.

I had higher hopes for this book but it never really gave me what I wanted. Maybe I am just over the thriller stage and that is why I was not completely hooked. Feel free to share your review or recommendation. As I am finally feeling better and almost completely caught up on work, I should have more time for reading! YAH! I hope to be back to three reviews instead of the two it has been for the past couple weeks! Not that my "To Read List" is getting any shorter, but I could always use new recommendations for books or series to read. Please share!

Happy reading fools :)

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