Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello fellow bibliophiles!! Just one year and 98 reviews ago, I started this blog. Ahhh!! I cannot believe it has been a year already nor that I was able to review so many books! As I stated a few weeks ago, I am hoping to make some changes to the blog throughout the first few months of this year. I promise, nothing too drastic... yet :)

For my first new change, I am going to have a "theme" that will relate to the books I decide to read for the month. So here is how this will work. Below I am listing my proposed themes for each month. I will then read books centered around that theme or idea. Some are pretty basic while others are more specific. I'm not quite set in stone on all of these but here's a preview for the year! Just something to have fun with each month!

February: Finishing series. My plan is to finish a few series I have started, The Lunar Chronicles and The Wicked Years, as well as finish a few series I have started but not read the last or most recent book. I also have a few stragglers laying around that I already checked out before this wonderful theme idea that I will need to finish as well.

March: Books I have bought or received through give-a-ways but have not read. No shame, we all have this pile! Those bargain books and yard sale bins can get the best of us. I also have a shelf of books I have received as give-a-ways from different books sites that I have not had the chance to get to yet.

April: Memoirs & Biographies. A have quite a few of these on my TBR list!

May: Books that have been turned into screenplays. I hate when I see the movie before reading the book. We all know the book is ALWAYS better!

June: Classics/Modern Classics (Work in progress).

July: New Young Adult. There are a lot of great books coming out this spring that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

August: Books from the bottom shelf. I always feel so bad for these at the library. No one takes the time to bend down and look at them. It's not their fault!

September: Books with numbers in the title (Work in progress).

October: Mysteries & Thrillers. So typical, I know.

November: Favorite childhood series (Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, Land of Stories, HP)

December: Books with warm weather settings! Beaches, seasides, desert, tropics, etc. We all need a pick-me-up during those long, cold winter days!

January: 2015 releases I didn't get a chance to read!

Like I said, these are not all set in stone. Feel free to share any ideas for month-long themes or books I should read during a specific month. I don't have a preferences as long as it falls within the month's theme! I can also use new book suggestiobs! I will have a few books outside of the theme to read each month due to FYA book club and ARCs I have already been granted but besides that, I am hoping to stick to it! As always, feel free to share any thoughts, comments, or suggestions!

Happy reading fools :)

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