Sunday, October 4, 2015

Time Lapse

HELLO FELLOW BIBLIOPHILES!!!! I completely apologize for the long lapse in time since my last review was posted! Sometimes life just gets in the way and things like reading unfortunately get pushed to the side. Trust me, it's been a sad, sad time! BUT no worries, I'M BACK!

I am the queen of spreadsheets and scheduling. I love it. That being said, my reading and blog schedule is all mapped out for the next two weeks and my stack of books are ready and impatiently waiting! Okay. Enough with the exclamations and "shouty capitals." It's time to read :) Check back at the start of the week. I should have at least one, if not two posts up by the end of the day Monday.

As always, feel free to share any recommendations, suggestions, or comments. I can always use suggestions for new books and series!

Happy reading fools :)

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