Friday, April 24, 2015

"Signature of All Things" - Elizabeth Gilbert

Hello fellow bibliophiles! I know I just posted a new review for you but I have one other to share. Unfortunately it falls into the "Did Not Finish" pile. This hardly ever happens in my life. Normally I just push through and finish a book no matter how good or bad. There was just no way to finish this one though.

The book was Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now, I was a fan of her more widely known book, Eat, Pray, Love that I am sure majority of you have heard of, or at least know of the movie. This book though, just doesn't compare. I could never figure out where the story was going or how each part played into the next. The book is about a family, the Whitakers of Philadelphia, but mostly centers around the daughter, Alma. Alma loves to learn. She forever is reading, studying, and asking questions about why things are the way they are. She becomes a scientist. The plot leads you down the path and journey of her life and discovery. What I did not understand though, is there never seemed to be a climax or "point" to the story. Chapters bounced around from one thing to the next, skipping and jumping years or months with no clear rhyme or reason. It was confusing and unfocused.

I gave this book many chances. I really did. But it never sparked my interest no matter how much I read. I was constantly struggling to understand why this or that thought mattered in the book and where the story was heading. After weeks of trying, I finally gave up. Once again, I'm a quitter (See review from Zone One).  Life is too short to read bad books! As always, feel free to share and recommendations, comments, or your thoughts on the book!

Happy reading fools :)

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